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Applause for Performing Arts Lockers

Performing arts lockers can give students the peace of mind they need to truly explore their craft. Behind the scenes, smart lockers can help your orchestra, dance troupe, or theatre group stay organized while securing instruments, uniforms, costumes, or props. In front-of-house, installing performing arts lockers in lobbies can also provide your guests with a secure place to put their personal belongings while on campus.

Tune in to Smart Locker Advantages

Smart lockers in your performing arts buildings enable students and faculty to practice, rehearse, create, and perform without worrying about their personal belongings. Other benefits of smart lockers include:

  • Easy-to-use smart storage lets students go to class, practice, rehearsal space, or performance without worrying about the security of their stuff
  • Performing arts faculty can easily store their belongings near where they’re working
  • Guests can rid themselves of coats, bags, and other personal belongings and simply enjoy the show
  • Add a revenue stream by configuring smart lockers for rentals when visitors are onsite for performances
  • Secure expensive equipment, carefully crafted costumes, or pivotal props in heavy-duty lockers made to withstand wear and tear
  • Prevent theft and enjoy a record of a complete chain of custody with locker logging access at all hours

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Student Smart Locker Features

  • Store everything from tap shoes to trombones with a variety of student locker sizes
  • Configure lockers for rental use during performances to generate additional revenue from guests
  • Simplify locker allocation with access directory integration, cutting down on your facility manager’s administrative burden
  • Get real-time data insights into usage trends to better optimize storage solutions on campus
  • Choose from touch-free or easy-clean touchpad smart lockers to promote campus health
Ensure a complete chain of custody with a real-time digital record of each transaction, ensuring a comprehensive chain of custody and preventing theft.


Avoid lost keys or forgotten codes by allowing students and faculty to open lockers with a campus ID, smartphone, or connected device.
Reserve lockers for single-use, or restrict access until lockers can be thoroughly cleaned.

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