Making the Case for Mobile High-Bay in Off-Site Facilities

By Stuffey | March 12, 2019

Today’s mantra in business is, “find ways to do more with less.” Whether that mantra is implied or plainly stated, its impact is the same. It’s true across industries, and nowhere is it felt more acutely than when it comes to storage. The increasing price of real estate aside, an organization’s ability to make the most of its available space is of paramount importance.

For today’s libraries, book depositories, and archival record centers in particular, off-site storage has become a prevalent option. Anyone who’s ever managed an off-site facility – or a move into one – will tell you that determining how to best use that space is as important as acquiring the square footage itself.

Many have found themselves standing in the middle of a newly acquired space, looking around and contemplating how to best make it work. The smart answer, it turns out, is to stop looking around and look up instead. High bay storage may be that answer.

XTend Your Storage Options

Especially if you’re storing little-used or seldom-accessed items that are nonetheless precious and treasured, off-site storage makes a lot sense. Just as museums, archives, libraries and even everyday businesses are tasked with efficiently using their spaces, so is it true for warehouse environments. And when you’re managing a larger space, why would you not want to use all of it?

The XTend High-Bay System, from Spacesaver Corporation, is designed to provide convenience, easy access, and safe storage. Built for stable storage of book trays and archival boxed records, it’s constructed with box-formed, cold rolled steel shelves. Designed to meet NFPA-13 revised fire codes, it also features a durable polyester hybrid powder-coat paint finish. Integral side-shelf supports, shelf backstops, upright baffle closure panels and flue spaces help securely contain media and help protect it from fire loss. All good things!

Now, obviously every facility is different and has different requirements. With that in mind, Spacesaver makes both stationary and mobile systems. The mobile systems allow facilities managers to load a high-bay system onto high-density, compact shelving units. The added ability to compact the shelving means they’re able to take even more advantage of an available space. Just like smaller high-density units, these utilize in-floor, recessed mounted rail systems and sophisticated electronics to open and close. Aisles can be opened via a one-touch, user-friendly, directional operation (at the carriage mounted control or via an infrared remote control aboard an order picker). Additional fire-suppression systems and aisle occupancy warning alarms add an extra measure of safety and security.

As the product name implies, it allows you to “extend” a facility’s available space

Movin’ On Up

Whatever the height of your facility, the XTend System can be fitted to best accommodate your needs. Shelves are easily adjusted on vertical increments of 1-1⁄64″, and no tools are required to reconfigure shelves. As your media sizes evolve, so too does the High-Bay’s flexibility. Innovative 53″ wide x 36″ deep clear shelves offer improved density. Oh, and did we mention that 50″ wide x 30″ deep shelves are also available? They’re perfect for archive boxes. And yes, custom sizes are also available.

“Easy access” is more than a bullet point; it’s an integral element of the system’s design. As part of the system, easy access is facilitated by wire-guided, high-lift order pickers. When carriages are in motion, any safety activation (Photo Sweep® and aisle entry sensors) will stop the carriage from closing on that aisle and the mobile carriage will back away slightly from the obstruction. Aisles also automatically lock out when fully opened.

Designed specifically for high-density off-site storage, the XTend™ System is the industry’s first mobile high-bay storage system. It combines proven, best-in-class compact storage technology with well-established industrial-grade storage design concepts. The result? Unprecedented levels of off-site storage density, space efficiency and cost effectiveness. An XTend Mobile High-Bay Storage System gives you the same storage capacity as a static high-bay system in less space – or more capacity in the same space.

Store More, Save More

It always takes smarts to recognize that running a business means paying attention to the little things. Let them slide, and those little things become big things soon enough. Utilizing the power and flexibility of a high-bay system is a savvy way to make the most of your investment – in your business, your collections, and your commitment to right methods.

What’s more, an XTend System is extremely cost efficient. Fitting easily in a smaller building envelope and footprint than other off-site storage options, the XTend system lowers your construction costs substantially. With the lowest life-cycle ownership costs of any other option, high-bay systems significantly reduce your operating and energy expenses, too. With its smaller building footprint, the system conserves both green space and energy.

Rigorously tested through 30,000 operating cycles, XTend systems are built with a durability and reliability that can only result from 35 years of proven designs and experience with compact storage and heavy-duty industrial storage systems.

It works. That’s the bottom line. And when you find something that works for your museum storage, archival storage, library storage or whatever stuff matters most to you, you make sure to take advantage of it. Store more. Save more. Do more.

When it comes to looking out for your stuff, Spacesaver and Patterson Pope are there to help you reach higher. Literally.


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