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By Stuffey | February 20, 2019

Bobby Davis has worked with Patterson Pope since 1987. Over the years, his experience working with a variety of clients in a number of different industries has helped him become an expert at helping to not only organization storage solutions, but deepen their impact on performance. When it comes to Public Safety in particular, he knows that the work he does today matters.

Q: As you’ve watched the Public Safety sector change over the years, what’s been the most notable transition?

A: I would say the word should really be “evolution” rather than “transition.” I have always admired the commitment of law enforcement professionals. Today, there is a very strong focus on the chain of custody and ensuring that all kinds of evidence, large and small, is being handled with the care and seriousness that it requires. Certainly Patterson Pope’s partnership with Spaceasaver has been instrumental in our being able to provide public safety officers with the very latest products to help in that effort.

Q: What products, specifically, have been the most instrumental in that pursuit?

A: Well, there are two ways to answer that. Firstly, certainly Spacesaver’s variety of evidence lockers and personal duty lockers have added diversity to what we’re able to offer. Secondly, and probably more importantly, those products have really allowed us to augment our already robust solutions. We’ve always had shelving systems. Now, with shelving – both stationary and especially mobile – and lockers and gun cabinets and refrigeration options, there’s just an ability to offer complete solutions.

Q: How does Spacesaver use information and experience from end-users to determine what sorts of products to focus on developing next in the public safety arena?

A: One thing I really love about this profession is that you never stop learning. Spacesaver knows the truth of that, too. In Public Safety, Joe Latta has been a real fount of information. He is known as the Executive Director of the International Association for Property and Evidence, or IAPE. He goes around the country giving talks about the proper way to process and handle evidence. In his presentations, he often uses photos showing Spacesaver products. Now, that’s not an official relationship, but the fact that that happens organically shows that Spacesaver is developing the right kinds of products. It’s a two-way thing. Spacesaver learns from what’s happening in the marketplace, and vice versa.

Q: What makes Public Safety projects a unique challenge for you? Why are you drawn to it?

A: First and foremost, it’s the people. No matter their rank or their position, the people in the public safety world are just good, honest folks. These are usually really large projects, so having those good relationships helps smooth out the process. And in some small way, we feel like we’re helping contribute to the cause. While it’s unfortunate that property and evidence concerns need to exist at all, at least we’re able to help do it right, and thereby help these communities.

Q: How does Patterson Pope’s involvement help satisfy clients’ needs?

A: We’re really able to offer turnkey solutions. As I said, so much of what a public safety officer is looking for is about safe, secure chain of custody. We talk with them about what they’re trying to accomplish and then we’re able to bring to that project our experience, our expertise, and our knowledge of what’s going to work best in different situations. It just helps so much to have all these other installations to refer to, as well. Being able to show some examples of the kinds of work we’ve done for other facilities really helps illustrate the passion we feel and the professionalism to which we adhere. It helps newer clients better visualize what we’re talking about and really facilitates conversation about how those similar type products could really be translated into their facilities.

Q: Of all the new things that are available now or coming out, can you point to one or two that are may be more popular than the others?

A: Personal duty lockers are nice to have, as they’re easily reconfigurable. Aside from those, it’d be the evidence lockers themselves. With the addition of evidence locker product lines, we can now offer complete chain of custody solutions. From the time the officer brings in an item and checks it in, to when it’s held in short-term storage to when it’s moved to long-term storage, Patterson Pope offers a streamlined solution. Lockers, cold storage, high-density shelving, gun and narcotic storage, to boxes and envelopes for smaller items – we can provide everything they need. Our products not only provide safety and organization but really deliver peace of mind to all of those professionals working in those environments. And that’s gratifying to be able to deliver that assurance.

Q: When it comes to storage, what’s next for the public safety industry?

A: It’s definitely evolving. It will be interesting to see how it develops – both how those needs come about and how they’re dealt with. One thing that we certainly see in other industries and that could come about in public safety circles is the growth in electronic record keeping. You have to remember that a lot of these pieces of evidence are literally kept forever. I could definitely see clients moving to electronic records. Should that happen, we can of course help them with that, as well. At some point, maybe we can bring in FileSolve to help us there if they wanted to scan those records.

Q: Can you point to a specific example of job we’ve worked on recently that typifies the kind of over-arching solutions available to today’s pub safety customers?

A: Oh there are a lot in North Carolina and all over our Company footprint…for me, Davidson County Sheriff, Forsyth County (City of Winston-Salem), Guilford County Detention Center, Randolph Co., and Rockingham Co. They’re all over and more to come…

Can we do it all? Guilty as charged.


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