Mobile Storage Keeps Your Business on the Move

By Stuffey | September 24, 2018

Even when your business is growing, you may not be ready or willing to move into a new location. Yet you need more space. There’s so much stuff to store! Across industries, mobile storage provides efficient, easy-to-use, and completely safe solutions to meet the most demanding space needs.

What’s the Deal with Mobile Storage?

While there is seemingly no end to the amount of stuff you want to store or the services you want to provide as your business grows and evolves, your square footage doesn’t always adapt as easily as your people do. Whether you’ve been dealing with stationary shelves or many different filing cabinets, have a full storage room, or even a warehouse space, there’s likely room for improved flexibility and access to what you need when you want it.

ActivRAC’s mobilized storage systems can be customized to meet your particular needs. Increase your storage capacity per square foot without costly expansion or disruption to daily activity. Mobilized storage sees stationary rows of shelving mounted on carriages that move side-to-side on wheels and a rail system. Holding up to 30,000 pounds per carriage, and adaptive to height restrictions and columns, these systems ensure your personnel’s safety while securing item storage.

Benefits of Mobile Storage

Ease of use — Replacing industrial shelving or pallet racking with a single moving aisle of shelves that opens and closes as needed provides full accessibility to materials for quick, safe retrieval. With different solutions available for various load capacities and types of materials, a mobilized storage system can be moved manually (with or without mechanical assist) or use multiple, electronic synchronized motors to move carriages.

There are even remote control options that can be controlled with the touch of a button or LCD touchscreen. The fast aisle-opening cycle time can help maintain or even improve your throughout of puts and picks too. At one gas and wind turbine manufacturing site, infrared Remote enables fork truck drivers to operate a system aisle without even needing to get off their trucks.

Space savings — Industrial mobile shelving lets you maintain 100% SKU accessibility while shrinking your storage area. Designed to work with existing racking, shelving, and drawer systems and installable on existing concrete slabs, this storage converts the significant amount of space wasted by conventional static racking into increased storage capacity — in the same footprint.

A Midwest beer distributor responding to the increased interest in craft beers was considering expanding its warehouse to keep kegs cool. Instead, with an ActivRAC 16P powered mobile racking system, the distributor doubled its capacity without having to purchase new space.

Improved productivity — Easy access to all of your storage or supplies is sure to enhance efficiency. High density mobile storage also brings all of your materials together in a consolidated space, which can cut the amount of time it takes your employees to locate and retrieve necessary supplies. Simultaneously, regaining the valuable floor space that your old static racking was taking up can give your organization more room for revenue-generating activities — perhaps another whole production line — without a costly expansion.

The Minnesota National Guard embraced mobilized storage to efficiently issue clothing and equipment to its 11,000 soldiers per year. Rethinking its storage and replacing stationary rows or pallets and vertical file cabinets led to greater operational efficiencies, said Essential Issue Facility Manager Janelle Johnson, WO1. “The space we have is what we get and we have to make it work, which we did.”

Safety — Photo sweep and LED aisle entry sensors provide the added benefit of signaling status to the mobile system to ensure operator safety. In some settings, even the materials used for the mobile shelving can make a difference to safety. One Virginia hospital selected a stainless steel system in its lab coolers as it is less prone to rust and corrosion, can be cleaned more easily, and “doesn’t promote the spread of infection.” As account manager Art Bykonen said, “It’s a huge advantage for any healthcare environment.”

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