Fans pay attention to the score, athletes to their performance and gear. But there’s always someone in a sports organization focused on equipment and uniform organization. These considerations can help select the best athletic storage solution for you.

What space constraints are we dealing with?

Space is at a premium. Even if you’re one of the lucky athletics departments with a great booster club and a brand-new sprawling sports complex, you’ll still be thinking about the best way to use your space. With mobile, customizable athletic storage, you could reduce your storage footprint up to 50%. High-density mobile storage maximizes capacity while taking up the least amount of floor space.

The right athletic equipment storage also helps your team make gear available to players, coaches, and managers even when keeping up with sponsorship changes, themed uniforms for special occasions, or annual updates.

“Having an organized space just changes the way you operate.”
– Pittsburgh Pirates Equipment Manager Pat Hagerty

Who needs to access the storage?

Fans seeing an entire football team run out of a tunnel holler wildly, impressed by the magnitude. But you know there are some people on the sidelines thinking of the hundreds of uniform items that mass of athletes represents. Someone needs to keep all of the pieces together and organized — and the right sports equipment storage solution makes that job so much easier. Hanging garment racks, with specific shoulder pad or helmet storage, and modular drawers for padding, chin straps, and mouth guards can save valuable time and space.

In weighing the best option, know that there are security-focused systems with options such as roll-lock doors and password protection allowing access only to individual with permission.

What customizations do we need?

Different sports have different needs. Basketball can’t have its balls rolling away, but hockey has all of those pads and sticks to worry about, and don’t even get us started on the possible golf bag chaos in a clubhouse.

But with customizable equipment storage athletic departments can store all that they need to — equipment, uniforms, trainer and nutrition supplies — and always be able to access what they need when it’s needed. Along with the familiar shelving, lockers, bins, a smart solution design will also consider the utility of a tabletop or a pull out drawer for small items in the right place for the right time. Flexibility is important for your athletes, but it also matters in deciding your storage system.

At the same time, personalization matters too. Giving individual athletes the best can help keep your stars happy or encourage up-and-coming athletes to join your organization. At Florida State University, for instance, changes to athletic equipment storage were made not only with the current student-athletes in mind, but also with an eye to differentiating the Seminoles in the ever-challenging recruiting landscape.

“I can see the effect it’s having when I see the looks on recruits’ faces.”
— Florida State Univeristy Equipment Manager Darin Kerns

How can we improve safety?

Investing in athletic equipment storage can bring a return on investment when you gain access to the latest technology in sanitation and ventilation. With the knowledge now of how important it is to keep equipment clean and dry, your organization can seek a solution that is set up to cut the spread of bacteria and speed up sports equipment drying.

Store your athletic equipment in a way that reflects its importance to your players and athletic program. Patterson Pope offers customizable, configurable Spacesaver athletic equipment storage. Go with a brand used by K-12, collegiate and professional level sports teams throughout the world. Contact us today.

A Scouting Report on Your Space Needs

Installation of the right athletic equipment storage requires proper scouting first. Your consultant will want to determine your needs, gain an understanding of work flow, and consider future storage requirements to provide the best alternative solutions. Expect to spend time meeting with your consultant to capture the look and feel you are going for, as well as considering the functionality of the options you’re considering. Every choice can make a huge difference, and an experienced consultant can offer advice and insights to boost productivity and streamline processes for a winning solution.


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