Smart Campus Lockers


Frictionless experiences for
everyone on campus.

Streamline the exchange of goods across your university ecosystem — food delivery, library rentals, and more — with
smart campus lockers.

Prioritize Safety, Wellness and Frictionless Experiences for Your Students and Faculty Members

Exchange of goods lockers — safe and secure locker banks where those who live, work, and do business on your campus can leave equipment, food, and other items for another person to pick up — are a way to make sure people feel they’re being protected while being able to procure what’s important to them.

Contactless smart campus lockers can give students the convenient experience they’ve come to expect — a touch-less experience that’s made possible with the use of their phone or their student ID credentials.

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Goods Lockers Brochure


On a student’s end, there’s no waiting in line to pick something up or drop something off, which means they can pick up their purchases or materials on loan whenever it’s convenient for them. For the university, it’s a streamlined way of doing business that saves time, money, and helps the university understand what lockers are being used and how often. It’s a win-win — and you keep everyone as safe as possible in the process.


Featured Exchange of Goods Applications

Food & Dining


Libraries & Tech Equipment


Dorms & Housing


Food & Dining Lockers


Many universities have started to partner with food trucks and food ordering sites in addition to the usual campus cafeteria — offering students a variety of food options that can be paid for using their student accounts — and delivered contactless to smart campus lockers. 

Create a contactless exchange of food from the dining halls, delivery drivers or even food trucks.


Featured BLOG

The Connected Campus and Mobile Credential Lockers

...The connected campus offers students smoother interactions and an enhanced consumer experience. Faculty and staff also enjoy working in a digital environment that lets them “focus on meaningful activities that serve a true purpose and promote the mission of the campus.”
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Library Exchange Lockers


Contactless Exchange of Books & Equipment

Create a streamlined, efficient and contactless experience for students and faculty to borrow library materials with contactless exchange of goods university lockers located in the library. 

When strategically placing lockers in a highly accessible location, like a space that can be access 24/7, students can pick up and return their materials at any time of the day. 

Here's how it works: A student checks out what they want to borrow through a library’s online portal. A librarian gets the “order,” locates the items, creates a “package” for a student, and deposits the items in an exchange of goods locker. 

Students are notified via email or text when the materials are ready for pick-up. By presenting their credentials — student ID card or phone or watch — to the reader, the locker pops open. They take out their items, shut the door, and the transaction is complete. 



Other Useful Applications:
Student Unions
Dorms & Housing
Athletic Equipment

Lockers that do more than just store.

Let's explore some of the locker features:

In addition to the lock technology and available integration with your college or university’s campus ID and mobile credentialing, our smart campus lockers offer these features: 



A student uses their student ID/ mobile credentials to reserve and open the locker door — spending less time touching unfamiliar surfaces. Read More.

Easy to Clean

Used lockers automatically become disabled after use — so it’s easy for a cleaning crew to identify used lockers and clean them. The lockers then automatically reset again to become available for use. 

Branding & Aesthetics

Whether you want your lockers to blend in or stand out with school colors, logos, graphics, and more, we can design for any look and feel. 

Visibility to Usage

Know who has used which locker and when — and get full reporting on usage, audit tracking, and more. 

Dual-Purpose Locker Banks

Rental lockers and exchange-of-goods lockers can be programmed for the same bank — perfect for smaller environments. 

One-Click Mass Open

Open any or all lockers with a click of a button within your administrative software — in case of a threat, or a stinky sandwich that’s hard to find.

The Move to Mobile Credentials

Metra Locking Systems, as a HID™ Advantage Technology Partner, offers an easy to integrate smart campus locker solution for university lockers across campus, so your students and faculty can unlock their smart lockers with their University IDs — including using mobile credentials in a phone app or even in their wearable, like a smart watch. Universities, which use HID™ access control systems, can now easily extend their access security level to all their workplace lockers.

HID Mobile Access® opens doors in a whole new way. With an innovative, patented gesture technology, just twist the mobile device upon approaching a locker for seamless access. Read More.

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Contactless Exchange of
Goods at the University

Create a frictionless and contactless experience with smart lockers for universities across campus to easily exchange borrowed materials and more.


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