College lockers

Student Union Smart Lockers

Enhance Student Experience by Offering Convenient Smart Lockers

The experience your students have on campus is critical to retention and recruiting success. By utilizing smart lockers in your campus center, you can enhance the student experience by providing a convenient, secure place to store their valuables.

Student unions also serve as hubs for clubs, mail centers, information technology teams, and other in-demand student services. Each service can benefit from student center smart lockers configured for storing or exchanging goods.

Student Union Locker Advantages

Campus environment is a major reason students choose one university over another. Smart lockers on campus can be an added selling point for your school tour. Demonstrate your investment in your students’ experience with high-tech smart storage that simplifies their day.

Additional advantages include:

  • Provide secure storage for students, freeing them to go anywhere on campus without having to worry about their personal belongings
  • Offer convenience to commuters and other students with personal use lockers they can reserve online and ahead of time
  • Create a frictionless experience letting students use identification they already have to request, reserve, open, and release their lockers as needed
  • Reduce theft and show visiting parents you prioritize student security with smart locker technology
  • Make locker space available for campus clubs and other groups to safely store important items
  • Program lockers for package delivery so students can conveniently collect their mail while also grabbing a bite to eat or going to the campus bookstore
  • Support distribution of laptops, tablets, mobile hotspots, and the exchange of technology that needs repair with dedicated IT lockers
  • Give administrators who work on different schedules the ability to securely transfer sensitive documents in smart lockers
  • Reconfigure smart lockers on the fly depending on campus needs (e.g. setting them all to day use on game days or for graduation ceremonies)

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Features of Campus Center Lockers

  • Add to school spirit by branding the lockers in your colors or wrapping them with images of campus life
  • Offer charging ports inside lockers to let students power up laptops or phones while they catch up with friends or attend club meetings
  • Configure lockers for hourly, daily, or fixed use—you can also make them revenue-generating (and can do so only on specific days)
  • Save up to 90% of facility managers' and campus administrators’ time with remote management capabilities. Avoid manual locker assignments, frequent reallocations, laborious log-keeping, or other issues
  • View locker usage in real-time and collect data on locker use to further optimize school storage
Complement your school’s look and feel by integrating smart lockers directly into a wall, creating stand-alone wall partitions, or establishing storage islands


Create easy access to student lockers using campus IDs, smartphones, or other connected devices to avoid the headache and administrative burden of lost keys or forgotten combinations
Reconfigure locker uses as needs shift, assigning single or multiple uses per locker bank. Allow food delivery, IT exchange, and personal storage in a single bank, and change permissions whenever you want.

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