There are hundreds of articles out there suggesting ways to improve your employees’ productivity, boost morale, or enhance engagement. Few of them consider the work environment’s role in supporting these important goals. Reimagining an office space with creative office storage configurations can inspire more creative and productive work.

Looking around your oh-so-familiar office, you might have difficulty imagining it as a cool, creative workspace. But any business can reconfigure its existing footprint with the wide range of wall, island, locker, and other flexible storage options available today.

An ordered workspace is a more productive workspace whether you’re looking at reconfiguring your:

Functional, Fluid Office Storage

Today’s office storage does much more than the stacking metal filing cabinets of old. With Workplace Reimagined office storage solutions, you gain the ability to create the type of work space you need when you need it — we’re talking about functionality and fluidity at the same time.

1. Wall partitions. More than a demountable glass wall or wall partition, the new moveable wall partitions can slide side-to-side to enable room customization in the moment. Your moveable wall partition might add functionality with:

  • Storage
  • Seating areas
  • Whiteboards
  • Media display
  • Screens
  • Lockers
  • Coffee, snack station
  • Flip-down tables

Movable shelving or storage on these partitions helps any organization overcome its space constraints and gain a new flexibility, regardless of footprint size.

2. Islands. Make stand-up meetings easier or provide more spaces where your employees can spread out and collaborate with islands that serve many uses. The island storage can also house a display screen or whiteboard. Or an island of day-use lockers might be furnished with a table top for employee breaks. Islands can even be mobile and moveable to add even more choices to the ways in which you set up your office space at any given moment.

Islands, part of a modular office storage solution and finished with the same attention to detail and style continuity, enable space reconfiguration as your needs evolve. Depending on your industry, the table top surface might be a laminate, wood, or even stainless steel (which is a hardy, non-porous and rust resistant material favored in many healthcare settings).

3. Lockers. Your employees don’t want to work in cluttered spaces, but they have to put their stuff somewhere. Locker-integrated workstations provide a solution with ample, secure storage at each employee’s fingertips. Or you might combine lockers on a wall partition with a display screen. Or put day-use lockers within an island that can also come in handy as a collaborative workspace with a shared-use screen at one end.

Day-use lockers meet temporary storage needs — whether it’s for one person or one work cycle. Today’s modular lockers are not what you remember from the halls of your high school. These well-constructed lockers, available in a wide range of custom finishes, are configurable to any space. Plus, they come with multiple lock options to best suit your needs (including: hasp, DigiLoc, coin, and keyed locks).

Your Office Storage Can Do More

While you’re reimagining the layout of your space, consider also how office aesthetics contribute to your brand story and company culture. Think of the many ways rethinking your office storage can make a difference:

  • Adding color creatively
  • Enhancing access to whiteboards and display screens
  • Creating new collaborative spaces
  • Communicating innovative spirit to visitors
  • Providing quiet, secluded work spaces

Patterson Pope can help you reimagine your workplace with creative office storage solutions. Find out more about our modular moveable walls, islands, and day-use lockers. Let’s create a more inspiring and productive work space for you today!


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