Keep weapons and ammo stored out of sight.

Modern public safety buildings are being designed with a more open feel. This benefits community relations in many ways, but it also presents a problem: how to securely store weapons out of sight while maintaining quick accessibility. That’s why floor-mounted gun lockers from Spacesaver are a valuable addition to any police station or other law enforcement building or public safety facility.
Floor-Mounted Gun Lockers Brochure
Have a lot of fire power? Ok, but you may not want work to resemble a super villain’s lair. This brochure highlights floor-mounted gun lockers storing any combination of guns, ammo and accessories. Download now!

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Electrical Powered Mobile Shelving System
Floor-mounted gun lockers can be easily configured to store any combination of handguns, shotguns and rifles. Choose from handgun-only police storage systems or opt for gun lockers that securely and efficiently store a combination of handguns and long guns. A full-size, heavy-duty main front door opens with a master key to facilitate visual inspections, weapons inventory, and maintenance.

Round out the gun cabinet storage system with cabinets designed to securely store ammunition and any number of accessories.

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