Patterson Pope is Streamlining the Office Storage Experience with Smart Workplace Lockers

The smart locker experts

Patterson Pope has been in the storage game for a long time. It only makes sense that we are at the forefront of smart office locker technology. From office headquarters to co-working spaces, we understand the importance of what makes great storage. Smart workplace lockers are great storage, and are reimagined and streamlined for the modern worker. Stay with us to keep learning about office smart locker technology and how it can work for you, with you.


What it looks like to partner with Patterson Pope:


We tailor your experience right from the very beginning. As we introduce you to workplace smart lockers, we provide you with demos and highlight the main features and differentiators of the smart lockers.


Understanding the specific use cases means we can customize the smart workplace lockers to your specific needs. This includes floor plans, requirements, RFID/ Phone App specifics, and more to provide the best solution for you.


When it comes to installation, know you are in good hands before it even starts. Our trained staff includes a team to install the physical lockers and a technical team to ensure your new lockers are operational and up to your standards.


We take pride in our partnerships and promise to be there every step of the way. We are there through and through to ensure the workplace smart lockers are functioning as we discussed. This means making modifications along the way as your needs change and as we learn new ways to use the lockers, enhanced training and upgraded support.