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It’s no secret that the retail industry is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. More and more shoppers out of necessity and safety are taking their buying habits online.

Already at an inflection point prior to the pandemic, the migration of essential goods to online has accelerated this trend by three or four years in the span of three or four months, according to emarketer.


increase in May, when it came to buying online pick up in store purchases according to Digitalcommerce360

of U.S. shoppers bought goods online that they hadn’t previously considered for purchase online according to a study commissioned by PFSweb

For both retailers and consumers, contactless retail lockers provide ease, convenience and cost savings.

Here is how this looks:

Customers buy online, through the website or mobile app. The store fulfills the online order. The store associate picks and packs the order for the customer and deposits it in the locker. When complete, an email or text notification is sent to the customer letting them know it's ready for pickup. The customer can either scan their code or enter their order number and the locker door will open to retrieve their purchase.

In fact, 61 percent of shoppers and 75 percent of millennials who come into the store to collect their online order make an unplanned purchase.*


Contactless Order Pickup Lockers

Customer Benefits

Frictionless Experience


Buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) has become an increasingly popular service especially with COVID. Retail lockers create a contactless and touchless experience for consumers.

No Waiting in Lines


Consumers are able to skip the line when waiting to check out or when needing to pickup their purchase from the service desk. 

Convenience of Returns


People buy multiple sizes, colors, and styles, planning on returning items that don’t work out. Contactless lockers can create create a frictionless experience that is convenient and easy.

No Shipping Fees


BOPIS has allowed for retailers to capitalize on consumer desire for near-instant gratification in their online purchases and no shipping fees.



Consumers do not need to wait multiple days for their order to arrive in the mail and BOPIS lockers mitigate wandering aimlessly throughout the store looking for the item they are looking to purchase.

In-Stock Insurances

When click-and-collecting for retail locker pickup, inventories must be accurate. Unlike in-store shopping, items could be in or out of stock.

Our standard offering creates a custom solution that is unique to you.

We can provide you a wide variety of standard sizes and dimensions that can be uniquely put together to provide the best experience for your customers and their purchases. Each brand and store is different and having lockers that fit your unique brand, vibe and style of each location.

Along with the unique dimensions, the materials that your lockers are just as important. Typically smart lockers only come in basic steel with wraps, but we can provide laminate, phenolic, antimicrobial, and much more. Or make just the doors antimicrobial or glass while the rest is laminate.
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Contactless Order Pickup Lockers

Retailer Benefits

Increased Foot Traffic

BOPIS assists in driving shoppers into physical the store. This increased foot traffic leads to more in-store transactions and provides opportunity for impulse purchases.

Minimal Logistics

With a BOPIS program, retails are able to spare the extra expense of last-mile logistics.

Customer Loyalty

BOPIS-related personalization and loyalty points can influence impulse purchases and future purchases.

Improving Customer Experience with BOPIS Lockers

Even For Returns

Retail package lockers are not just for click-and-collect solutions, they're also a user-friendly tool for facilitating returns. Customers have the flexibility to return items at their convenience.

Using package lockers for returns is simple. Customers print off a label and then place it in a locker that they open using a QR code, barcode, or PIN. The retail employees can process returns as time allows. As an added bonus, it is reported that retailers (prior to the pandemic) saw an increase in foot traffic and “micro” visits to their stores when they have lockers installed.

Buying online picking up in store is hear to stay. Our smart lockers offering addresses this growing trend.

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