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File Room Shelving

The Versatility You Need Starts with 4-Post Shelving

File rooms serve an essential role for your business, so organization matters. Your people want to be productive and quickly find the right file when they need it. Four-post shelving for file rooms can help by providing efficient, simplified access to the documents and artifacts you require.

Customize file room shelving to store all kinds of stuff today, knowing also that you can easily adapt your storage solution to new needs. The 4-post shelving option is so much more than the shelving units you might be thinking of:

  • Attach pull-out reference shelves, bin dividers and divider rods
  • Add drawers
  • Adjust shelf spacing to accommodate stacked boxes or unusually sized items
  • Order lockable single-wall, double-wall and window doors to improve security
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Storage 101 – Get what you need to know to do storage right.

With Storage 101, we take the guesswork out of all the things you need to consider when planning a storage project. From different products and processes to technology influenced solutions, this may be the most definitive summary of its kind available.


How We Help

You’ll start with a universal slot 4-post shelving solution, but with a wide range of custom accessories and options available you can create exactly the system you need.

  • Our 4-post shelving for file rooms helps our corporate customers:
  • Organize archive file storage
  • Establish color-coded filing systems
  • Eliminate wasted space when we mount the 4-post units on mobile shelving systems

Custom File Room Shelving

Our storage solution experts are available to consult with you on the best configuration of your 4-post shelving for file rooms. We can provide valuable insights on the best way to approach the items you need to store — both for right now and as your business evolves and grows.

Static Shelving Storing Files and Books

Static Shelving Storing Files and Books.

Shelving Storing Boxed Files

Shelving Storing Boxed Files.

Organized File Room Shelving

Organized File Room Shelving.

File Room Shelving for Archives Storage

File Room Shelving for Archives Storage.

Case-Type Shelving for File Rooms

Case-Type Shelving for File Rooms.

4-Post Shelving for File Rooms

4-Post Shelving for File Rooms.