We’ll Show You Ours (Stuff) if You Show Us Yours (Office)

We love what we do — and we’re fascinated by what you do. Every opportunity we have to enlighten, educate and sometimes even entertain architects and designers is a chance to share insights and ideas. It’s also an opportunity to build on the already solid business relationships we have with those in your fields.

If you’d like to learn a little more about the many ways we can make your jobs easier when it comes to storage design and implementation, give us a shout. We can schedule an outing, an in-office presentation or even bring in a waffle breakfast for your team. Seriously! Hey, waffles are friendly, silly and delicious. They are also the only foodstuff with a built-in storage system. Haven’t you ever noticed the little square storage box design? But that’s not why we make them for our A&D friends. We make them because they are a very tasty way to get to know people. Say the word and we’ll show up with all the fixin’s.

Whether it’s a waffle breakfast, a pizza lunch, a platter full of sub sandwiches or a Starbucks run, we’re happy to bring along something tasty. We can ever offer you some AIA/CES credits during our time together. No matter what the scenario, our pros will be happy to spend some time helping you get to know Patterson Pope. Once you find out what we’re all about and see the incredible ways in which we can help you do more, you’ll see why we make for a great connection. We want to be the “guys and gals” you know for all things storage.

When it comes to stuff, think Patterson Pope.
Invite us in for a meeting. We’ll bring a delicious treat of your choice.

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