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By Stuffey | May 24, 2019

When the call comes in for a law enforcement team or squad of military personnel to deploy, they need to gear up and get going quickly. They may not have the fire station’s pole, but the expectation is that they’ll be able to immediately access their uniforms and weaponry. Tactical readiness lockers can save personnel precious moments when they’re most needed.

In the Wild West, time to draw one’s weapon at high noon could make the life and death difference. The context may have changed over the decades, but rapid response remains critical for law enforcement and military personnel. These officers must act in emergency situations and under pressure, with confidence. Part of that is being able to effectively store public safety equipment and efficiently access it when needed.

Whether heading for training or duty as a first responder, law enforcement officers need to know their uniforms, equipment and weapons are at the ready. Rugged, all-steel tactical readiness lockers secure gear and duty bags without taking up a ton of room in locker rooms or other spaces.

All Spacesaver Tactical Readiness Lockers are available with:

  • Double thickness doors with corner gussets for strength and rigidity
  • Durable, textured powder-coat paint in a variety of colors
  • Flexible modular construction for interchangeable configurations
  • Perforated mesh doors for visibility and ventilation

Personalizing the Tactical Readiness Locker

But, just as no situation your squad gets called into is the same, your team could have unique needs too. Different models of tactical readiness lockers offer additional features:

  • Different lock types — padlock, combination, keyed or electronic
  • Air extraction capabilities to hook up to your HVAC system for extra ventilation
  • Interior electrical outlets to charge devices 

Each individual officer, too, may have their own wish list for how they organize and access their gear. Tactical readiness lockers come with many adjustable accessories to make it even easier for your people to do their job well. 

For instance, a door-mounted document holder makes access to notebooks and case sheets quick and easy. Modular and adjustable shelving or internal drawers help compartmentalize items, which can speed up the officers’ ability to reach in and reclaim whatever is needed, without hesitation. Different rails and hooks can help further customize storage and let officers’ uniforms dry in proper circulation and ventilation conditions.

Tactical Readiness Lockers in the Field

Public safety officers and military personnel have to organize and store massive amounts of valuable gear. They must also ensure that gear can be accessed and transported quickly and secured always. With the right public safety storage solution, deployment is streamlined for mission success. The time saved can be better spent training and preparing to protect and serve the community or preserve freedoms. 

The US Army’s Fort Carson base enjoyed greater accountability and security with its new tactical readiness lockers. Adding shelving to the lockers helped them find equipment more quickly, secure property behind locked doors and separate out absentee uniforms for greater efficiency. They even won the army’s Supply Excellence Award.

In Skokie, Illinois, the Police Department prioritized personnel readiness when it overhauled its gear bag, short-term and long-term evidence, records and locker room storage. Adding 47 gear lockers in a corridor connecting the department’s roll-call room and its parking garage helped to make equipment more accessible in an existing building renovation.

“Employees truly appreciate it when you do what you can to make their jobs easier, and storage systems definitely play a role in helping us do that,” said Barry Silverberg, Chief of Police for Skokie Police Department. He added, “What it often boils down to in law enforcement is time savings and productivity. Both ultimately lead to higher morale and in turn, a higher level of service to the community.”

Tactical readiness lockers promote more efficient day-to-day processes and maximize storage capacity in the precinct, on base, or wherever you need to be when a deployment call comes. Get ready for short-notice needs with long-term planning for all of your storage requirements. 

Tactical readiness lockers aren’t the only option for public safety and military officials. Personal storage lockers, weapons racks, parachute racks, and evidence lockers can all be added to an installation to take your team’s storage from chaos and confusion to convenience and customized control.

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