How Experts Determine the Right High-Density Storage for You

By Stuffey | October 31, 2018

Determining your high-density storage needs can be challenging. You have a lot of stuff and specific security, conservation, space, and budget constraints to meet. How do you pull it all together to find the best storage solution? Let Patterson Pope’s experts do a free one-on-one survey to analyze your needs and make high-density storage solutions work for you.

Solving your storage space problems is what we do best. How? Drawing on our decades of experience analyzing storage pressures in government, legal, finance, education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and other sectors.

Take Ben McCollum, a “rookie” at Patterson Pope with “only” 15 years of experience with the company. To begin, he researches the customer, the industry and potential challenges before going onsite to do a survey. “I want to know enough to ask some better questions than if I just went walking in blind,” he says.

Unique Solutions for Different Needs

McCollum looks forward to the walk-through and surveying stage where he gets a real idea of the customer’s goals. “A lot of times, what you’re doing is going through and measuring the space and looking at in all three dimensions,” the Charleston, SC-based sales representative says.

Using his tape measure and laser measure he’ll look at floor space, vertical height and identify any obstacles (e.g. fire alarms, sprinklers). He also travels with a bathroom scale to weigh items. Customers are seldom storing just one uniform item, he explains. “It’s usually a variety of things, so we’re trying to get the height, weight, and depth of all these objects.”

Patterson Pope works in a lot of unique areas. “We’re not just trying to pack a lot of stuff in a small space. We’re trying to create a workflow, a really efficient work environment, and a safer workplace,” McCollum says. “Our skills have really had to evolve, because we’re always learning new stuff.”

Our storage designers and planners have made space work for clients in all kinds of situations:

  • When the University of South Carolina Law Library moved into its new building in 2017, it was losing square footage and also wanted to expand the amount of collaborative student space available. Innovative library shelving design provided plenty of room for the “warehouse of books.”
  • Bath and Body Works’ sample storage may have smelled great, but there was no real organization to the marketing department’s sample room. Adding shelving with plastic bins and high-density mobile storage helped save space and make access so much easier.
  • Our reps also diagnosed a solution for the Owensboro Healthcare System (OHS) in Kentucky, as its new, state-of-the-art hospital was being constructed. “We have so much more space now,” said Chris Edwards, the Sterile Processing Department manager. “The maneuverability of the pieces is great because it allows us to make the area truly ours.”

Ben McCollum | Patterson Pope

Solving Your Storage Problems

You know your trade and all of its tools as well as you know your ABC’s. But we don’t expect you to have that same knowledge of high-density storage. That’s where Patterson Pope comes in.

There’s a reason McCollum, at 15 years in is still considered a “rookie.” Our people like what they do. McCollum, for instance, says he enjoys “seeing what I do make a difference in how somebody else gets through the day.”

Our customers enjoy the result of our efforts too. Our storage experts make your stuff simple. Contact Patterson Pope today for your free on-site assessment or consultation. With our survey skills, we can help you make wise choices for storage success.

Look next month for a blog considering the next stage of the Patterson Pope process, the planning step!


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