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By Stuffey | September 7, 2018

Higher education remains in high demand. Yet while the student population may be increasing, growing the physical footprint of colleges and universities takes time. Smart storage solutions can solve space problems and improve organization more efficiently and cost-effectively across campus.

Just as the admissions team touts a school’s academics, athletics, performing arts, and campus life to prospective students, education storage design has something to offer in each of these areas too.

Academics Storage Solutions

Libraries — Academic libraries are proud of their books and periodicals, but students also want space to study and congregate. Georgia State University used high-density shelving to help make the law library a place that people wanted to visit. With 97-98% of its collection stored in mobile shelving, it became easier to research. At the same time, the library was able to free up its top two floors for lighter, brighter study areas for students.

“The students seem to really enjoy the space.”
— Kristina Niedringhaus, Associate Dean for Library and Information Services, GSU College of Law

Laboratories — While students are spending long hours in the lab, equipment and chemicals need to be stored safely to protect from potential dangers. Modular casework and cabinetry and storage shelving options let the school’s different science departments weigh in on a customized layout.

Departmental storage — Different departments have various needs. Take the University of Tennessee’s Anthropology department. Its collection of anthropological and archeological samples was kept deep within the campus football stadium. But when the lack of environmental controls put the growing collection at risk, a new space was found and the right storage solution now holds stable and secure the varied collection of pottery, skeletons, and more.

A performing arts department, on the other hand, will need musical instrument and sheet music storage or a place to keep costumes pristine.

Athletics Storage Solutions

Having an organized space supports a winning athletic department. With the right equipment storage, athletic departments can store all that they need to — equipment, uniforms, trainer and nutrition supplies — and always be able to access what they need when it’s needed.

From high density shelving to modular drawer sports gear storage, there are convenient, customizable solutions for every sport on campus. Along with the familiar shelving, lockers, and bins, a smart solution design will also consider the utility of a tabletop or a pull out drawer for small items in the right place for the right time.

Changes to athletic equipment storage at Florida State University not only improved access for current student-athletes, but also helped to differentiate the Seminoles in the ever-challenging recruiting landscape.

Campus Life Storage Solutions

Mailroom — Personal lockers and electronic parcel lockers are great for multi-unit and high-rise residence buildings, dormitories, and mail centers. Smart lockers can track package delivery and even text or email students to come and retrieve their packages (when it’s convenient). They simply access the locker using a secure, unique authentication code or by swiping their resident RFID card.

Pass-through mail sorters can also help a campus mailroom keep up with the incoming and outgoing mail in a compact, customized space.

Clinics — Students do get sick while on campus. Your healthcare facilities can get them feeling better faster with static shelving or high-density mobile storage. Ensure sterility and security of supplies and narcotics with effective storage solutions that use design to provide just the right dose of organization and ease of access.

University Staff Solutions

Presenting well to prospective and current students isn’t the only priority in a university setting. Effective use of space can help keep staff happy as they enjoy greater productivity and benefit from streamlined workflows.

Student records — Electronic data storage is becoming more popular, but many paper records remain. High-density mobile shelving makes immediate access to files and records much easier. What’s more, PIN pad and audit trail capabilities (RFID) can be added for confidentiality.

Campus security  Campus police have the same storage needs as typical law enforcement. Keeping the campus community safe requires personal lockers, gear storage, evidence lockers and long-term evidence storage, and secure weapons storage.

Facilities services — Toiling behind the scenes to keep the campus functioning and beautiful, facilities services brings together designers, project coordinators, grounds crew, maintenance and more. Providing the right equipment and personal lockers can help these hard working employees store stuff without disrupting the campus aesthetic.

All these possibilities are just the beginning of the many uses of storage solutions on campus. With Patterson Pope, your college or university can earn an A for effective use of space. Consult with one of our experts today to customize your design.


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