Gridiron Gumption: What Unites Alabama and Clemson Football

By Eric | January 11, 2016

Going into the 2016 College Football National Championship Game in Phoenix, the Alabama Crimson Tide holds a 12-3 advantage over Clemson in head-to-head matchups. The Tide has won a dozen straight since Clemson’s last victory in the series … a 25-0 game in 1905. There are those who will say that past performance is no indicator of future results, but 100 years of history can be a heavy burden.

Dabo Sweeney, the Clemson head coach, played for the 1992 national champion Alabama team. Both 2015 squads have an outstanding defense. And there’s one other thing both teams have in common: they both chose Patterson Pope to help bring their locker-rooms into the 21st century. Yep. We’re talking athletic storage.

While coaches like to keep things close to the vest, we’re sure the improved organization and peace of mind that come with improved ergonomics and storage options play a role in keeping the teams focused on the field. And the additional space provided by our high density mobile systems creates a more orderly area, which in turn makes it easier for coaches to channel their efforts into getting ready for the task at hand. Getting things done and making a measureable difference in the way organizations keep track of their “stuff” has, after all, been our game plan from the beginning. Clearly, it’s paying dividends.

Storage is boring … but when it helps a team win a national title, it’s anything but!

Clemson and Alabama


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