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By Linda | April 15, 2014

When you walk into a hospital, university, library or corporation, likely the first thing you will see is a reception desk.

The reception desk is more than just a check in point, it sets the stage for how you feel about the company, it tells you who they are what their culture is and sometimes it can even give you an idea of what they do.

When a designer embarks on selecting the interiors for a new project, designing the reception desk can be the one area where the designer can really use his or her creativity to put their stamp on the project. If the client really trusts the architecture team, the designer may even be given carte blanche when it comes to designing the desk.

That is of course, as long as their design falls within budget.

Herein lies the biggest problem. If the designer is going to create something special and unique that sets the stage for all who walk through the door, it’s going to be a full custom piece. If it’s a full custom piece that is bid out by the GC after the design is complete, it’s hard to get an idea of exactly how much the piece will cost. It often ends up as a “let’s throw it over the wall and see if it sticks” or, in realty, see if it comes out looking like the original design.

But there is another way. Suppose the designer had a partner that could give them access to a manufacturer throughout the design process. The designer and partner could work together to determine how the desk was going to be built (if it could be built!), how much it was going to cost to build and even work through options to value engineer the design to ensure that it met budget before was handed over to the GC.

With Hamilton Sorter behind us, Patterson Pope can be that partner. Hamilton Sorter is a custom modular casework manufacturer that thinks outside the box when it comes to building casework. It’s not a one-size fits all manufacturer. Quite the contrary, Hamilton Sorter excels at meeting unique customer needs. With Patterson Pope’s long history of working with customers to design efficient workspaces and Hamilton Sorter’s creative custom capability, the ”throwing it over the wall” days are over.


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